Recipe: Dutch bean fried sausage

Home Cooking Recipe: Dutch bean fried sausage


The crisp taste of Dutch beans has always been my favorite!



  1. Dutch beans go to the end. The hot water that has been boiled is hot to discoloration. Remove the drained water.

  2. Sausage slices are ready for use.

  3. Pour a little oil into the pot, and burn the paper for 4 minutes. You can pour the sausage and stir-fry until the sausage is transparent.

  4. Pour in the peas, add the right amount of salt, MSG, stir fry a little.


1. When you are scalding peas, you should pay attention to the time. Don't miss the crunchy taste. It takes a few seconds to boil the water. After fishing, you can go through the cold water. 2, after the sausage is cooked, the fire can be turned off, otherwise it is easy to burn off. ~~~~(>_<)~~~~

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