Recipe: Durian shortbread

Home Cooking Recipe: Durian shortbread


I bought a fresh ingredient and bought it. I bought a golden pillow and dried durian powder a while ago. I used it today to make a short pastry and try it. Very fragrant is very simple, like durian can do it ~



  1. Fermented butter at room temperature (take it out of the refrigerator in advance, put it in your hand) + sugar powder + salt, and send it to the white fluffy butter.

  2. Sift through all the powders, and cut into a mixture.

  3. After chilling for 30 minutes, divide into 10-15 g of each small dough to round.

  4. 160 degrees, the upper layer is baked for 20 minutes. (Remember to preheat the oven) When the durian is particularly rich in flavor, it is almost the same.

  5. After cooling, you can wrap it with sugar powder or you can eat it directly.

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