Recipe: Durian Frozen Cheesecake

Home Cooking Recipe: Durian Frozen Cheesecake


The cheese is wrapped in durian and it tastes great! Frozen cheesecake is the first cake I started when I started baking in 8 months. The tiger mother wants to enter the baking world and can't help but remind me of it. I started to get in touch with baking, because I don't know how long my enthusiasm will last. So I choose a cake that doesn't use the oven, and test my ability to operate and like it. The recipe for this cake is given by my colleague Xiaoyi. The operation is simple and the taste is super good. It is very suitable for learning the small warm-up before baking. In the original side, a layer of grapefruit honey is applied to the surface of the cake. I like fruit and try to add fruit to it: mango, lychee, bayberry, durian. Finally found that it is best to eat mango and durian, not very delicious, is super delicious! So this cake is highly recommended!



  1. Gillette tablets are soaked in soft water to soft

  2. Pour off excess water and melt into a clear yellow liquid in a hot water bath (unused gyridine liquid, pay attention to heat preservation to avoid condensation)

  3. The biscuits are packed in fresh bags and crushed into small cakes with a rolling pin.

  4. After the butter is microwave-fused, pour it into the crumbs and mix well.

  5. Spread the stirred biscuit evenly on a 6-inch live cake mold and compact

  6. After the cream cheese is softened, add yogurt and sugar in portions and stir with a blender until no granules

  7. The whipping cream is sent to another volume to expand. (The whipping cream is not very strict, and the volume is slightly expanded.)

  8. Send a good whipped cream, add it to the yogurt cheese paste in portions, and stir evenly

  9. Durian is smashed into a stalk with a knife, cut into small diced, can be added to the cake paste, and stirred evenly. (Durian is easier to distribute evenly in the cake, and Xiao Ding may sink to the bottom, but neither Rong or Xiaoding will affect the taste)

  10. Finally, pour in the gyridine liquid and mix well.

  11. Pour the cake paste into the cake mold

  12. Refrigerate in the refrigerator for 4 hours. Take out, use a hot towel to smash the mold wall, demould, cut, and enjoy.

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