Recipe: Duck wing

Home Cooking Recipe: Duck wing


It’s delicious (“・ω・” “Hey, it’s better than those I bought.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Fried duck wings, put on oil and stir fry

    Fried duck wings, put on oil and stir fry

  2. After the frying, put the duck wings into the rice cooker or the wok can be stuffy, remember to put in water, chicken, salt and soy sauce, soy sauce, sugar and marinade, look at it, say not too sweet or too Salty, last suffocating for a few minutes, it’s okay to turn it off after it’s cooked.

  3. Don't get bored, it won't be delicious.

  4. After the completion, look at the color and taste,


If you buy duck wings, you should choose not to buy those bad ones. This will reduce the nutrition, maybe. . . . Pay attention to safety

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