Recipe: Duck soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Duck soup


Laoya Tang is definitely a healthy soup that combines food and health, traditional nourishing and folk diet. It is suitable for both men and women, young and old, and all seasons.



  1. After the ducks are half cleaned, they are smashed into pieces. The cold water pot is boiled and squirted with water. Rinse with clean water. Put it in the pot and add enough water. Put the ginger into the pot and boil again. Simmer for 45 minutes;

  2. The ham is cut into thick slices; the flat tip is soaked in water for half an hour and torn into strips; when the old duck in the pot is cooked until the seventy-eight percent is soft, remove the ginger slices, put the ham and the flat tip and cook for half an hour; Any seasoning can be served.


It is best to use ducks of more than one year and more than three pounds to cook the soup. It is better to cook the duck meat until it is sautéed; use simmering in the stew, the broth is clear and fragrant; add ham and flat tip, the taste is very delicious; not the seasoning Can and.

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