Recipe: Duck soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Duck soup


Someone sent a three-year old duck. The family spent the whole night killing the ducks. It’s not easy to control the roast duck soup in the office during the day.



  1. Old duck plucking

  2. Put the cold water in the whole duck, boil it in the fire, and remove the surface foam during the period.

  3. Add a lot of onion ginger, cooking wine

  4. Slowly simmer for two hours (the induction cooker in our home is adjusted to a minimum of 200 degrees)

  5. During the period, the fungus, the fans, the loofah are salted for 10 minutes, and the ducks are washed.

  6. The cauldron is separated from the fire and a bowl of soup is poured into the small pot.

  7. The soup in the small pot is boiled, adding fungus, fans, loofah, duck


If the pot is big enough, put the whole duck, and the pot will be cut.

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