Recipe: Duck blood tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Duck blood tofu


"Blowing through the wind in the wheat field" Last time you said, I want to recommend a soup that is warm in the winter, warm, and simple, so this duck blood tofu should meet your needs and give you!



  1. Duck blood, tender tofu, cut small Ding. Egg break up

  2. Put the soup in the pot (do not add water) boil, put the duck blood and tender tofu into the Ding

  3. After boiled again, remove the simmer, add salt, chicken, a little bit of sugar, a tablespoon of vinegar, then pour the prepared water starch into the pot, push it with a spoon, and tick a thin simmer

  4. Turn to medium heat, keep the soup like rolling, use a flour sieve or small sieve, pour the fully broken egg liquid on the screen, move the screen while moving down, move the circle in one direction, all the eggs After the droplets are finished, push them with a spoon and the beautiful plumeria will appear. Finally, sprinkle with white pepper to make a pot. If you like to eat parsley, you can add some parsley.


I used to admire the chefs in the hotel. I can make a little bit of silk and pieces of the egg in the soup. If I have drifted in the soup, it is very beautiful. After experimenting at home N times, I finally mastered the method of making beautiful egg-flower soup, and quickly came up to share with you. In fact, the method is very simple, that is, using a simple tool, the screen. I knew that when the egg liquid was poured into the pot, it was slowly poured into a thin line, and the egg flower that came out was very beautiful. But if I use the bowl directly, I feel that it is very difficult to master this flow. If I accidentally go to the soup, the egg will become a large chunk of the soup. With a screen, the flow of the egg liquid can be well controlled. I used this as a baking flour sieve. If you don't have it, you can go to the supermarket and buy a small screen. You can also use it, but be careful not to buy a screen with a very small and dense hole. The kind of holes are too small, and the egg liquid can't leak. If you use a small screen, be careful not to pour all the egg liquid into the screen and it will be full. First, fully break up the egg liquid, then take the sieve in one hand, pour the egg liquid into the sieve on one hand, move the sieve in one direction, the egg liquid will flow into the soup in a thin line, then push it with a spoon, beautiful The egg flower is made, simple!

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