Recipe: Dry pot tea tree mushroom

Home Cooking Recipe: Dry pot tea tree mushroom


The scent of the tea tree mushroom is perfect with the pork belly. The thick soup mixes the mellow flavor of different ingredients, the nutrition is delicious and the more delicious, the more delicious!



  1. Tea tree mushroom is softened one day or half a day in addition to sand, and the water is drained into the boiling water pot to remove the drained water.

  2. Pork belly sliced, ginger and garlic shredded

  3. Onion and millet pepper shredded

  4. Put the Pixian Douban and Laoganma Cardamom into a small bowl in a ratio of about 3:1, and add some minced garlic.

  5. Pour a small amount of oil into the pot, add the pork belly and sauté the oil, add the ginger and garlic to saute (use some garlic behind)

  6. Put the dried pork and pepper into a small fire musk when the pork belly turns white

  7. Add the prepared 郫县豆瓣 and Laogan Mazu 豉 炒 炒 , , , , , , , , , 洋葱 洋葱 洋葱 洋葱 洋葱 洋葱 洋葱 洋葱 洋葱 洋葱 洋葱 洋葱 洋葱 洋葱 洋葱 洋葱 洋葱 洋葱 洋葱 洋葱 洋葱 洋葱

  8. After seeing the red oil, put it into the tea tree mushroom that has been simmered in water and stir it evenly. Add salt, sugar, soy sauce, chicken seasoning and seasoning!


1. The ratio of the watercress and the old dry mommy that I added is about 3:12. The tea tree mushroom is soaked for a while, it is best to go to the root, and change the sand several times to wash the dust, otherwise it will affect the taste 3. The best tea tree mushroom Cut short, because the characteristics of its comparative strength are short and convenient to eat. Some small experience: 1. Start the next step of frying the lard, which is more conducive to the blending of lard and other ingredients. When the hot sauce is fried at the bottom of the pan, it is best to put some minced garlic to enhance the taste. 3. When the pan is out, add a little more soup, so that the meat and tea tree mushrooms are soaked in the rich soup, and the alcohol stove is slowly added to the bottom. taste. Moreover, the mushroom fragrance of the tea tree mushroom slowly spreads out, and the meat flavor of the pork belly is more mellow into the tea tree mushroom. 4. If there is no dry pot, you can use a casserole instead. Preheat the casserole on the fire before filling the pot. It will have the same effect.

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