Recipe: Dry pot tea tree mushroom

Home Cooking Recipe: Dry pot tea tree mushroom


Tea tree mushroom is a kind of pure natural edible fungus with high protein, low fat, no pollution, no phytotoxicity, and integrating nutrition, health care and physiotherapy. It contains more than ten kinds of mineral trace elements and anti-cancer polysaccharides, and its medicinal health effect is higher than other edible fungi. It also has the effect of beauty and health care, anti-cancer, antihypertensive, anti-aging, and ideal adjuvant treatment. There are many cooking methods for tea tree mushrooms. There are soups, stir-fry, stews, etc. Today, a cooking method similar to the dried vegetables in Sichuan cuisine is introduced. Because the tea tree mushroom is a wood rot fungus with a thick fibrous structure, I believe that the fried cooking method can better overcome the weakness of the raw material, and the mouth is dry and fragrant, and the taste is unique. Resistant to chewing, long aftertaste, soft and flexible slag, spicy and salty. Soak up a cup of Pu'er tea, taste the "dry pot tea tree mushroom", immerse yourself in the elegant style, suitable tea mushrooms, beautiful brown color, and the atmosphere of superiority, enjoy the taste from the heart. Healthy tea has always given people a "quiet" beauty, relaxed and happy, to a certain extent, If you drink too much, it will not be harmful. But the more you drink, the more you can improve your performance. Healthy tea can be effective immediately after drinking, but it can be used every day for beauty and health.



  1. Tea tree mushroom washed and cut into 3 cm segments for use

  2. The squid is thawed and cut into granules.

  3. Ginger washed and peeled, cut into silk spare

  4. Put the pot into the pot and pour the refined oil. When the oil temperature rises to about 20% (about 100 ° C), put the dried chili peppers into the pan. When the oil temperature continues to rise to about 50% (about 180 ° C), the fish fillet is fried and fried into golden brown and drained. When the oil temperature rises to about 60% (about 200 ° C), put the tea tree mushroom into the frying, (intermediately fry once, fry dry) and fry into golden brown and drain the oil.

  5. Another pot, a little oil in the pot, musk ginger silk poured into vegetarian fish, tea tree mushrooms, dried peppers, dried, scented seasoning salt, mushroom essence, a little sugar, sprinkle with pepper powder, cumin powder continue to stir-fry Finally, the scallions (cilantro) section, stir well and put in a wok.


This dish is special, dry and spicy, and new. Please note: pay attention to the heat and time when frying tea tree mushrooms, do not stir-fry the tea tree mushrooms, you must put them in the oil pan to fry the water, and do not overdo it. Deep-fried red pepper oil must be low in temperature. If you like spicy friends, you can add some chili powder.

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