Recipe: Dry pot sea shrimp vegetable 煲

Home Cooking Recipe: Dry pot sea shrimp vegetable 煲


Dalian friends bring some seafood dry goods There is a box of dried sea shrimp, and friends say this is a real wild sea shrimp. Freshwater shrimp or artificially farmed before eating I can still eat wild shrimp. How to eat it, my friend suggested that braised or dried pan is very delicious. Because the shrimp itself is salty, after removing the mud, it can be eaten directly by frying the shell and frying it into the oil pan. Look for a dry pot. Only eating sea shrimp is a bit monotonous, and the vegetables that you like in peacetime are paired together to make a dry pot. The shell is crispy and delicious, and the taste is really unusual. (Traditional Chinese medicine believes that sea prawn is sweet, salty, warm, with appetizing phlegm, qi and aphrodisiac, Yiqitong milk, etc., for kidney deficiency, impotence, soft waist, muscle pain, stroke and hemiplegia caused by stroke Certain curative effect. However, shrimp is a haircut. When a person has a sore or yin deficiency, it is not advisable to eat shrimp.)



  1. Sea prawn is taken out of the refrigerator and thawed

  2. After washing, pick up the back of the mud with a toothpick

  3. Sea prawn control dry water

  4. Prepare a cabbage, half a broccoli

  5. An egg white + a little starch = give the sea shrimp a paste

  6. Mix well and marinate for 10 minutes.

  7. Wash the broccoli and smash it. After the water is rolled out, it will be simmered in boiling water for a period of 1 to 2 minutes.

  8. Remove and chill with cold water, broccoli can keep crisp and green

  9. Hot oil in the pot, pour the marinated shrimp into the

  10. Small fire, fried

  11. In the process of frying, you can put a little bit of minced garlic to taste

  12. The sea prawn is fried, and the spare is taken out.

  13. Leave a little base oil and pour the washed shredded cabbage into

  14. a little red pepper

  15. Broccoli

  16. a little soy

  17. A little white sugar. (Note: Adding sugar is not for sweetening, but for freshening.)

  18. A little salt, because the shrimp itself has a salty taste, so the salt must not be put more.

  19. Stir fry

  20. Pour the previously fried sea shrimp

  21. Stir all the ingredients evenly, this process should not be long, fast, keep the vegetables crisp and green

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