Recipe: Dry pot rabbit

Home Cooking Recipe: Dry pot rabbit



  1. The rabbit is cut into small pieces and salted for half an hour, then the water is fried in the oil.

  2. After the rabbit fry the water, pick it up, fry the seasoning, first stir the watercress and the cardamom, and then taste it. Add the ginger, garlic, dried sea pepper, pepper, octagonal, stir fry, stir fry for a while, the taste is fried.

  3. Then the rabbit goes in and stirs up for a while, and when the rabbit tastes it, he can put the two vitex and stir it.

  4. It is also necessary to fry more, the spicy taste of the two vitex is only fried out, into the rabbit

  5. Just fry the vegetables when you start the pot. 2, just fry twice, you can

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