Recipe: Dry pot, onion, broad beans

Home Cooking Recipe: Dry pot, onion, broad beans


This dish: First, the broad bean is steamed first, very crispy, fried, very fragrant, with the aroma of the onion on the bottom of the pot, and then the sweetness of the onion, the perfect combination, delicious, nothing to say~~ When I am doing it at home, I suggest that you also use the clams or casserole directly. I am because I have used the puppet to use it. I am embarrassed to shoot it, and I use another bowl to make it up~~~



  1. Wash the leek, drain a little salt, mix well, bowl the bottom of the octagonal, steamed on the steamer

  2. Onion shredded, green onion chopped green onion, put oil in the pot, a little more, stir fry

  3. Without oil, spread in the 煲

  4. Add some oil to the pan and fry the steamed beans into a small pan. The peas are a bit open and you can add some salt when frying.

  5. Pour the oil into the bowl, spread it over the onion, cover it, and simmer for 3-5 minutes.

  6. When you hear a creaking sound, open the lid, sprinkle with chopped green onion, and then cover the lid for 3-5 seconds. If you like pepper, you can put some pepper on it.


1. Wash the broad beans with a little drain of water. Spread the salt evenly. Mix well. Use steamed without boiled water to control moisture. 2, when the broad bean is fried, it should be burnt, and the bean is a bit open. 3, onion part, do not put salt, what is required is its fragrance and sweetness. 4, this vegetable oil should be a little more, when it comes to simmering, it is entirely oil. 5, onions can also not fry, raw directly into the sputum, but this 煲 need to burn a little longer. 6, the onion pad is at the bottom of the clam, topped with broad beans, in order to let the onion scent come up and penetrate into the broad bean ~~

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