Recipe: Dry pot bacon shredded cabbage

Home Cooking Recipe: Dry pot bacon shredded cabbage


The cabbage is a vegetable that I like to eat. In fact, I like it anyway. This classic dish of shredded cabbage is a big love, and it must not be let go. My mother-in-law has brought a lot of bacon to us. It is especially delicious. Whether it is cooked directly or cooked, it is very delicious. Today I cut a small piece to fry the cabbage, which is very popular among the family. what. If you do not add bacon, the method is the same, that is, tearing the cabbage, it is also very delicious.



  1. Prepare the material and tear the cabbage into small pieces by hand, wash and drain

  2. Bacon is boiled until half-cooked and sliced. Garlic, ginger and dried red pepper are chopped for use. Raw soy sauce, vinegar, oyster sauce, salt, sugar, chicken essence, sesame oil are pre-adjusted into sauce (the ratio is mastered by yourself, not too much vinegar)

  3. Add a little oil to the wok and heat it. Add the bacon and stir-fry for a while.

  4. Leave the base oil in the pot, add the pepper to the fragrant, remove the pepper and throw it away (you can also keep the pepper, I am afraid to eat the pepper, so I don't need to fish out, pay attention to the pepper, don't fry), then add the onion ginger Pull out the scent, and finally put the dried chillies off the fire. The remaining temperature of the oil will scent the dried chillies. (Dried chili will zoom when it is early)

  5. Pour the bacon slices and stir fry for a while

  6. Pour the previously prepared sauce into the pot and let it boil

  7. Pour into the cabbage and wash the water and quickly stir fry until the cabbage is ripe.


1. The dish must be torn by hand. 2, pepper and a little vinegar is a very important raw material to ensure the flavor. 3, the key to hand-wrapped cabbage must be quickly fired, about 6 minutes of cooked can be filled, because the waste heat in the dish will increase maturity. After the speculation, there is no feeling of crispness.

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