Recipe: Dry lotus root

Home Cooking Recipe: Dry lotus root


Blessed are those who are hot. For other dishes of this meal, see the "Mountain Snow Lunch" menu.



  1. After the lotus root is sliced, soak the water and remove some starch.

  2. Cut the pepper, prepare the pepper, aniseed, red pickled pepper, Pixian bean, onion, ginger, garlic

  3. After the oil is hot, the pepper is sauteed, and then the onion is sliced ​​with ginger and garlic. The scent is fried. After the scent is added, the scent is added. The scallions and peppers are added. The red pickled peppers are fried together and a little water is added. Continue to stir fry, use the high temperature at the bottom of the pot to make the water quickly turn into steam, and fry until the water is basically dried.

  4. Add cumin, a little sugar, stir fry evenly. Sprinkle with sesame seeds, you can


The watercress in Pixian County is more salty, so there is no need to put salt.

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