Recipe: "Dry goods" snow cabbage winter bamboo shoots stuffing

Home Cooking Recipe:


When I was young, I liked the pickles made by my grandmother. Whether it’s served with porridge or a dish, or a bowl of noodles, add a little bit of pickles and stir-fry. All the delicious food is worth remembering.



  1. Wet starch (water 10g, corn starch 10g) 20 g (2) production method. 1⃣️ Soak the snow to the salty taste, squeeze the water and cut into the end. 2 ⃣️Winter bamboo shoots are cut into small diced, boiled in cold water and then boiled in chicken soup. This way, the bamboo shoots are fresher and if you don’t have it, you can’t forget it. 3⃣️ Put the lard in the wok and set it on the heat. Add it to the snow and stir-fry it. Add the fresh soup, shrimp, soy sauce, and salt to stir-fry. Add the bamboo shoots with the chicken soup. Mix well, thicken with wet starch, mix well and serve.

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