Recipe: Dry fried fillet

Home Cooking Recipe: Dry fried fillet


The thief loves to eat the Northeastern University. At that time, I went to the hotel to order a sticky spot to make a few bowls of rice. I studied it a little too hard. The simple Ps. This is done before. There is no step picture. I am sorry. Next time I will attach the steps. !



  1. Cut the meat into strips without too thick and thick, and cut the strips that are not enough to be cut into two centimeters. After cutting, pickle the ginger onions and cut them into fine moxibus. Put them into the cooking wine, soak the raw oil, pick up the oil, salt, chicken, 13 flavors, and put them all over. Going in and paying attention to it will make it taste fresh and how to pickle it for half an hour.

  2. This is after pouring the starch into a bowl. If an egg white, a large bowl of water, and then stirring, the thickness of the yogurt you buy can be used.

  3. The meat is marinated. Put the prepared starch in. Don't stir it. Add the oil in the pot. Let the one piece be put down and fry. Then fry it again. This is more fragile.

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