Recipe: Drunk pickled yellow chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Drunk pickled yellow chicken


The three yellow chickens have high protein content, low fat content, and are also rich in vitamin b 12, vitamin b 6, vitamin a, vitamin d, etc., which have a good therapeutic effect on malnutrition, fatigue fatigue, and anemia.



  1. Pack the three yellow chickens clean, put them in a boiling water pot for about 5 minutes, remove them, and cool them with cold water.

  2. Add water to the pot, add three yellow chicken, onion, ginger and boil until boiling, add a little yellow wine, cook for 40 minutes with low heat, remove the three yellow chicken

  3. Take a large bowl, pour in the raw juice of boiled three yellow chicken, add rice wine, salt, pepper and mix thoroughly into drunk juice, add the cooked three yellow chicken and mix well, marinate for 24 hours, take it out when eating, knead into large pieces, plated on the table Serve

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