Recipe: Dried tea tree mushroom

Home Cooking Recipe: Dried tea tree mushroom


Isn't there such a sentence? It is better to eat four legs than two legs. It is better to eat two legs than one leg. It is a mushroom. The tea tree mushroom that I made today is coming to Laoxiao and I started to pick up the problem. How do you do this differently from the restaurant? The tea tree mushrooms in the hotel are dry and thin. How can you be so fat? I said Big Brother, you don’t know, you are eating at the restaurant, I am this. Tea tree mushrooms are fresh, of course not the same! Tea tree mushroom is crisp and tender and has a chewy head. It is delicious.



  1. Tea tree mushroom washed and cut, pork belly shredded

  2. Preparing onion ginger and minced garlic

  3. Add a little oil to the pot, fry the dried pork, and then serve the pork.

  4. Stir-fried shallot ginger and pepper with a little oil

  5. The tea tree mushroom is continuously fried, fried and dried

  6. Pour the fried pork belly, add the salt and soy sauce according to your taste, continue to stir-fry, and finally sprinkle with garlic and serve.

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