Recipe: Dried squid

Home Cooking Recipe: Dried squid


Only done at night, the plate is a bit ugly, with a mobile phone, everyone automatically ignores it. I have done it many times. In the end, this is the best way to eat it. I get a good rating. I also feel delicious, haha.



  1. Clean the fish, cut a small cross knife on both sides of the fish, don't cut it too deep, or the meat will be scattered when it is fried. After cutting it, put some salt, just put it in the right amount, put it for about 10 minutes, it doesn't matter if you put it more.

  2. Prepare fried fish. Put the oil in the pot, the oil temperature is high, put the fish down and fry, don't flip frequently when you fry, first fry and then turn to the other side to fry. Deep-fried to golden brown, deep-fried, dry, and not easy to boil the meat when cooking. After the bombing, fish the fish out for use. Note that before the fish is fried, the water in the fish is sucked down by the kitchen paper. Otherwise, the water is too much. When it is put into the oil pan, it is fried everywhere, and it is not fragrant.

  3. Don't get rid of the oil of the fried fish. Just put the oil in the pot and fry the chopped pork belly. Put the ginger, minced garlic, stir-fry the scent, put the watercress and pepper, and put the two small fish in the pan. Two teaspoons of watercress, put a proper amount of water after sauteing, the water probably does not live with half a fish, then add sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper. Don't put more salt, put the watercress before. OK! Open the fire and boil.

  4. After the pot is opened, put the fish and the fire. Also don't flip frequently, cook one side first, then turn it over to ensure that both sides are boiled. When the juice is quickly dried, the onion is magnified, and after a short while, the water is gone, and only the oil is left, the fire is turned off, and the pot is suffocated for a while.

  5. Sprinkle with chopped green onion. You're done!

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