Recipe: Dried sirloin

Home Cooking Recipe: Dried sirloin


Since I am from Hunan, I generally like to make some spicy dishes. Haha, this dish is really delicious. I hope people who like it will share with me~



  1. Beef shredded, marinated with a little chili oil and chili noodles and salt for a while

  2. Heat the pot, add olive oil, stir-fry the beef and ginger.

  3. Add celery, chili noodles, 郫 豆 bean paste, salt, stir fry together to prepare the pan.


If you stir the spicy food series, you must put the salt, not too light, generally Hunan food will be more salty, because it is too light, only the taste of pepper, but lost the fragrance. Let's look forward to seeing the delicacies you shared together~

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