Recipe: Dried plums

Home Cooking Recipe: Dried plums



  1. Prepare all the materials. (Peach dried hair after washing)

  2. Squeeze the dried prunes into the water, spare

  3. Take a proper amount of soy sauce and honey in a bowl.

  4. Put the hind leg meat in the bowl of the seasoning, evenly spread the seasoning and marinate for 20 minutes.

  5. The oil in the pot is burnt to 80% heat

  6. Put the marinated meat skin down

  7. Simmer until the pig skin wrinkles, remove and cool

  8. Leave the bottom oil in the pot and pour in the dried plums. (If you like chili, you can put in the dried chili and stir-fry.)

  9. Cut the cold pork into pieces and put them in a bowl. Put the dried plums on top. Add a little cooking wine

  10. Steam in the pan for 40 minutes to remove the inverted buckle inside the plate.


1, in fact, the best meat to do the meat should be the back of the buttocks, and I heard that a pig is only one piece of meat is best for the meat. I didn't buy it, so I replaced it with a back meat. 2, because the soy sauce was used at the beginning, so there is no need to add salt. If you feel the taste is lighter, pour some soy sauce before steaming, don't worry about unevenness, and the taste will be just right after you take it out. 3, I have no rice wine in my hand, and its practical rice wine will be even better.

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