Recipe: Dried plum cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Dried plum cake


One day I thought of a fat man who burned bread. The baking cake stall at the entrance of the supermarket at the back door of our school, one yuan of dried vegetable cake, was famous in the 88 of Zhejiang University. People from other campuses ran over and bought a dozen. And because this place is the only way from our classroom to the apartment, so passing by, smelling the scent of plum dried vegetables, no one is unwilling to buy.  So, the heart of the dried cabbage cake, but there is no dried vegetables, and finally put a bag in a day, immediately take out the meat, cut a knife and cut the meat.  How do my rolling pines know why they are big and small? How can they not be thin? Well, the Hujia dried cakes of different sizes are just like a way out. Taste, because there are fat people burning cakes, so how do they all suffer from the wind. Ugh. What's more, I don't have a bucket of baked pie, I only have a pan.



  1. Put the meat in the pan, fry, add the dried chili chunks, and add the dried plums.

  2. Because the dried plums are salty, don't put salt, put a little bit of soy sauce, and a lot of sugar.

  3. Flour and good, divided into small pieces, rounded, squashed, wrapped in dried plum dried meat, wrapped like a taro, and then squashed

  4. Use a rolling pin to form a thin cake, a small amount of oil in the pan, and fry.

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