Recipe: Dried oyster mushroom

Home Cooking Recipe: Dried oyster mushroom


This dish was eaten in the restaurant a long time ago. I felt that the taste and taste were very good, and it was not difficult to look at it, so I went home and tried to do it. The taste, color and taste of the first time are different from the hotel. I feel that the oyster mushroom made by the restaurant should be “over-oiled” and stir-fried. The taste is especially good, but for people with bad stomach, eating too Greasy food not only increases the burden on the stomach but also affects health. In order to make a lot of oil, but close to that taste, I tried again for the second time. This time, I first sliced ​​the Pleurotus eryngii and then dried it in the sun for three or four hours. I washed it before cooking and then dried it. Cook in dry water. The second time it was made was indeed better than the first time, and the taste of the restaurant was very close, but it was too much trouble! Although I can't count on the authentic food, this dish is really delicious, so I tried to do it for the third time. The method made this time is not only simple, healthy, but also tastes and tastes worse than the hotel! I also added sesame oil to the original seasoning. It can be said that this is a delicious dish (^_^)



  1. 1. In a clean, oil-free, water-free pot, fry the white sesame seeds with a small heat until slightly yellow. 2. Plan the oyster mushrooms first (from the head to the bottom), plan to grow long slices, not cut with a knife, because the taste of the two is very different! Then grind a little ginger and spare. 3. Open a small fire, put some oil in the pot, put the ginger to burst the fragrance, then turn the fire and then put the dried apricot mushrooms and stir-fry the water (sautéed until there is no water and then put the seasoning), then put the abalone juice Or stir-fry the oil evenly, then release the soy sauce, soy sauce, stir-fry constantly, stir-fry until the oyster mushroom is a bit dry and feel the sesame oil. Tips: If you are a newcomer to the kitchen and don't know how to control the heat, it is best to adjust the fire to a medium or small fire or a small fire. This can avoid the phenomenon of the pot. You can eat it with white sesame seeds.


1: Pleurotus eryngii has just started to fry a lot of water. If there is too much water, then pour it off and fry it. It is very important to stir until you are dry. This step is very important! Must be fired to a complete lack of water! ! ! There is no water! ! There is no water! ! The important thing is said three times! ! Pleurotus eryngii should be dried a little bit to be delicious, remember! ! 2: Pleurotus eryngii is cold, and ginger can put a little more to neutralize cold and also play the role of fragrant. 3: If you like meat, you can add beef slices, lunch meat, and black pepper sausages. But be sure to separate the saute, and mix it together before the pot. In addition, in addition to pepper is not recommended with other vegetables. . . Of course, if you like it, feel free. . . But what comes out is another taste. 4: After the dish is served, you can decorate the white sesame with a little fragrant scent, which can both enhance the scent and increase the value. 5: Soy sauce and soy sauce are two different seasonings. The lack of one will affect the taste of this dish. If you want to make a taste close to the restaurant, every seasoning inside is essential!

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