Recipe: Dried noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Dried noodles


Summer is here, there is always no appetite for eating. When cooking, the oil is so greasy that I really don't want to do it. Then, when I look at the beans and noodles, I will make such a dish.



  1. The pork belly is cut into pieces after the blood is removed. (Too thin slices, fat and thin cuts)

  2. Put a little bit of oil in the pot, put the pepper and fennel after the heat, remove it, and remove the fat.

  3. After the fat meat is out of the oil, you can fish out if you don't like to eat fat, and then put the meat in the fat and meat.

  4. Stir-fry until the color changes to the water, add ginger garlic, cinnamon, star anise, dried chili, stir-fry and then put the wine, then release the soy sauce and soy sauce. (Be sure to first release the wine, then put the soy sauce, if you want to paste the pot)

  5. After adding the scent, add water, and the amount of water should not be meat. After the water is opened, add rock sugar, dried bamboo shoots and a few drops of vinegar. (Not too much vinegar, a few drops is enough, vinegar can break down the protein, make the meat more crisp)

  6. Stew in medium and small heat for about half an hour, the meat and dried bamboo shoots are ripened and seasoned, and put in tomato pieces. If there is no water in the pot, add some water. (Tomatoes can make the soup a little fresher, not too much greasy.)

  7. After the water is opened, stir-fry the dish and spread the noodles on the dish. Then continue to simmer slowly.

  8. Be sure to have a small fire during the noodles, pay attention to it, add a small amount when there is no water, and turn the noodles with chopsticks. (Do not add too much water at a time, or become a noodle. When adding water, pour slowly along the side of the pot, do not pour directly on the surface.)

  9. After adding the water for the last time, add the greens and mix well. After the water is dry, you can start the pot~


Do not add too much water at once, or become a noodle. When adding water, pour slowly along the side of the pot. Do not pour it directly on the surface.

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