Recipe: Dried lentils

Home Cooking Recipe: Dried lentils



  1. Take off the lentils at both ends, even with the tofu on both sides

  2. Lentils are placed on a cutting board

  3. Cut the processed lentils into silk with a knife (slightly cut obliquely)

  4. Cut green and red peppers, garlic and flat

  5. Put the garlic and red pepper on the hot pot and pour the incense

  6. Add the green pepper and stir fry slightly. Add the chopped lentils.

  7. Put the lentils into the fire and fry them quickly. Stir fry until the lentils are cooked.


1. The lentils should be selected when they are selected. The peas inside have not yet grown. 2. When the lentils are shredded, they should be slightly inclined and cut so that they can be better tasted when fried. 3. Red pepper and garlic must be scented and then placed in lentils. 4. The lentils must be fried before they can be eaten. Unsorted lentils contain saponins which can cause poisoning. 5. There is no need to add water during the frying process, which will make the lentils better absorb the aroma of the ingredients.

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