Recipe: Dried fragrant pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Dried fragrant pork



  1. Wash the pork belly, put it in white water, cook it until the chopsticks can easily pierce the meat and skin, remove it and let it cool;

  2. Cut the pork belly into thin slices; fragrant dried sliced; green pepper shredded, garlic cut into sections;

  3. Hot pot, the next pork belly, stir fry in the medium heat, the oil on the fat meat will be exhausted, the meat pieces are rolled up; take a small bowl and pour the oil in the pot a little and a half;

  4. Xiaxian County watercress, pepper, stir-fry red oil, add fragrant dried, stir fry evenly;

  5. Under the green pepper, garlic seedlings, add a small spoonful of salt on the green pepper and garlic seedlings, stir fry to make it taste;

  6. Add chicken essence, stir fry evenly, and pan.


There are many varieties of dried fragrant. When buying, the boss recommends the thinnest square dried scent. When cutting the fragrant dry, the knife is tilted, the knives are close to the fragrant, so that the cross-cut surface becomes larger, and the flavor can be added more. The oil is delicious, so after the excess oil is poured out, the oil in the pot must be more abundant and cannot be dried.  Buy pork belly, I used to lean on which lean meat, I chose which one, I read the book of the beard to know that the more fat and thin the level in his eyes, the better, this standard and my Contradiction, combining the two criteria to pick out the meat, the more layers, the more layers of lean meat, haha...

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