Recipe: Dried croquettes

Home Cooking Recipe: Dried croquettes


Dry croquettes are a favorite dish I often love in old Beijing restaurants. I don't know when I fell in love with it, but now I haven't eaten so much food because of my teeth.



  1. Stir the meat with green onion, ginger and starch, then add the eggs and continue to stir.

  2. Season with sweet sauce and salt

  3. Finally, it is turned into meat and stuffed into small balls.

  4. The oil is made into 40% hot, and the minced meat balls are fried until they are half-cooked. When the oil temperature rises 70%, the fried meatballs are golden, and the oil is removed.

  5. Crispy and delicious meatballs on the table, like 蘸 pepper salt, can be used with a small dish


I don't like to eat allspice, so I don't put it. If you have the taste, you can put some flavor.

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