Recipe: Dried cauliflower

Home Cooking Recipe: Dried cauliflower


Xiaocai’s dried cauliflowers from the south have always been eaten in restaurants, and they have something to do with their own. The weather in the north is getting colder, and the meat is dried with cauliflower. It is steamy and has a flavor. Thanks again to Bai Ye, especially delicious ~



  1. Pork belly washed and cut into small pieces; dried cauliflower in advance, warm and soaked, washed and used; onion ginger slices

  2. Start the oil pan, wait until the oil is cooked until it is cooked, add the onion ginger sliced ​​musk, pour the pork belly and stir fry until golden.

  3. Pour the rice wine in turn, soy sauce, stir well, pour in the warm water without meat, add the right amount of rock sugar, star anise and cinnamon, boil over the fire, cover the lid and simmer slowly.

  4. When the water in the pan is half dry, put the cauliflower dry, slowly stew until the water is dry, and mix it with a proper amount of salt according to your taste.


1. After the cauliflower is dry and soft, wash it several times and wash off the dust; you can make appropriate cuts and make it more convenient. 2. The cauliflower can't be put in and stewed from the beginning. It takes too long to be cooked and not formed.

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