Recipe: Dolphin udon

Home Cooking Recipe: Dolphin udon


Do not buy vacuum-packed or refrigerated packaging at room temperature. Soft palate is especially difficult to eat and has odor. ! To buy a frozen-frozen (not refrigerated) udon noodle in the refrigerator, compare the tendons. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You can buy Sanuki Dream 2000 flour. Generally, medium-gluten flour with a protein content of about 9 is used, and winter wheat is used. Chinese flour is generally considered unsuitable for Udon. If you don't want to buy special flour from Japan, the Australian medium-gluten flour has been used in Japan for Udon. The taste is considered by the industry to be the best.



  1. Pig bones fly once, put in the seasoning, cook in the pot until the soup is white, and finally add salt. Take in the cooked udon noodles. I used the frozen Nissin udon noodles, which is very strong. With homemade spicy cabbage and half-boiled eggs, scalded vegetables.

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