Recipe: Dolphin sponge cake (white sugar version)

Home Cooking Recipe: Dolphin sponge cake (white sugar version)


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  1. Dolphin sponge cake (white sugar version) Material: (three energy 7 inch anode mold * 1) fresh earth egg 150g cotton white sugar 100g low powder 100g whole milk 40g fermented butter 25g vanilla extract (pictured with vanilla seeds) 1 large drop Practice: 1. Weigh the white sugar in the cooking pot, then break into the egg, break it up, heat it to the egg liquid temperature of 37-40 degrees, leave the hot water basin and send it to the thick high speed, that is, the working line of the egg beater is very Clear, mentioning the egg writing is not easy to disappear, add vanilla extract, egg beater to the lowest speed to sort the egg paste to smooth and delicate, silky smooth (send time depending on the size of the egg beater); 2 The butter and milk are melted into a liquid by water, or the microwave is heated to a liquid and kept warm; 3. The oven is preheated at 160 ° C; 3. The low powder is sieved twice to add the egg paste once, and the mixture is cut until no obvious dry powder is added. Butter the milk liquid and mix it evenly. The finished batter has a certain fluidity. Pour the batter into the mold around the bottom and the bottom of the paper. The height of the mold is about six or seven points. The large bubbles on the surface are shaken and placed in the oven. Lower layer, baking 30-35 points Clock, take out the model, put it in two or three minutes and then fully cool it to enjoy. TIPS: Oil paper is best with the cheapest white paper, preferably without silicone paper. The change of cotton sugar for the same amount of brown sugar is another flavor. All ingredients must be used in the best and freshest. So far, I have not found a good value for money in baking.

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