Recipe: Dolphin cabbage pot (stewed cabbage pot)

Home Cooking Recipe: Dolphin cabbage pot (stewed cabbage pot)


(for four people) Time: 30 minutes Calories: 366kcal Salt: 3.9g The picture is reproduced from the Japanese website, the Chinese part of the recipe is LZ's own translation - Worm conditioning



  1. The cabbage is cut to the same height as the pot. Pork belly slices cut about 5cm long.

  2. Put the whole cabbage into the pot, put the pork belly in the middle of the leaves, sprinkle the ginger on the surface, add the soup, and start to cook.

  3. After boiling, change it to a smaller fire, cover it, and cook until the cabbage is soft. Add the fruit vinegar soy sauce and you can eat it.

  4. I like to sprinkle some chopped green onions.


Cabbage: The part to be followed, cut the root slightly, but can't cut off the cabbage leaves. Fruit vinegar soy sauce: available lemon juice sugar soy sauce mixed instead) コンソメ : Can be replaced by thick soup

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