Recipe: Doll dish fan 煲 (Taji pot)

Home Cooking Recipe: Doll dish fan 煲 (Taji pot)


Cabbage soft and savory Egg oil gluten is delicious The fans melted the scent of garlic Too fresh!



  1. Preparation stage: onion ginger slices; garlic mince; gluten cut in half; cabbage chopped; fans softly cut in half; eggs break up

  2. Pour oil, onion ginger

  3. Scrambled eggs.rPut the chopped cabbage into the pan and stir fry, stir fry the cabbage, add a small amount of hot water.

  4. Put oil gluten.

  5. The top is covered with fans, and the fans are evenly sprinkled with garlic.rKeep the water level covered with the bottom of the pot but not the height of the fans.rCover the lid.

  6. After two or three minutes, pan and stir.rPut salt.rCover the pot for another two minutes.

  7. Open the lid!rstart!

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