Recipe: Distinct salted duck egg fried rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Distinct salted duck egg fried rice



  1. The most troublesome salted duck egg fried rice in summer is cooking. It is too hot to stay with the kitchen. The rice left over from the first day is a little inappropriate. It is too wasteful to dump it. Today, the cooking network teaches everyone to make it. The salted duck egg fried rice with a clear taste is soft and delicious.

  2. First, treat the duck eggs, separate the duck egg yolks from the egg whites, cut the egg whites into small pieces, and then adjust the duck egg yolks into a paste with sesame oil. The sesame oil does not need too much, the scent is added to the simmer, and the bottom oil is placed in the pan and placed. Adjusted duck egg yolk, stir-fry slowly, dilute more professional snacks technology, please look at qq329209338 space, add a little sugar to fresh, and then continue to stir-fry, see the duck egg yolk when the big bubble into the rice Continue to stir fry, stir the rice, stir fry, wait for the duck egg yolk to wrap the rice, add the egg white, a little scallions, continue to stir fry, stir fry evenly, this taste is delicious, the grain is distinct Salted duck egg fried rice is ready.

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