Recipe: Deyun milk powder double skin milk

Home Cooking Recipe: Deyun milk powder double skin milk


The double skin milk made with Deyun whole milk powder was the first big success. .



  1. Pour the appropriate amount of milk powder into the bowl and boil it. Put it in a wok and simmer for about 5 minutes. Pour out the bowl and you will find a layer of milk. . Must be full-fat milk powder thicker. Some sugar can be added according to personal preference.

  2. Separate the eggs from the egg whites, mix well with the egg whites, and mix the cold milk into the egg whites and mix well. (Remember to leave some milk in the bowl with the milk skin, otherwise the milk skin will stick to the bottom of the bowl) and then pour into the sieve. Screen off the condensed egg whites and bubbles.

  3. Pour the mixed milk egg white into a bowl with milk skin, cover with a lid or a cling film (to avoid steam dripping), and put it in the pan for 10-15 minutes until the second layer of skin and egg white milk solidifies. . If it doesn't solidify, it may be that the water is too much or the steaming time is not long enough. You can wait for more steaming for a while. .

  4. After the completion, you can add a shoe blueberry or raisin to the right amount, according to your own preferences. . The tender and smooth double skin milk is made successfully! Very simple


The taste made with whole milk powder is better. The milk skin is thicker. Do not add excess water. 250ml milk with one egg white is enough. Milk can be soaked in a little thicker, and the milk skin is easier to shape. .

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