Recipe: [Detoxification and fat reduction] The simple way to eat grapefruit

Home Cooking Recipe: [Detoxification and fat reduction] The simple way to eat grapefruit


As we all know, grapefruit is detoxifying and nourishing, but people who started eating are not used to eating yogurt. The unexpectedly fresh and delicious yogurt calories are not low, but the right amount of food can also help to lose weight: D



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Grapefruit peeled and diced

    Grapefruit peeled and diced

  2. Home Cooking Recipe: Start yoghurt from grapefruit

    Start yoghurt from grapefruit


You can choose low-fat or homemade yogurt. If you add sugar, you decide that I use the 100g small box of yogurt in the townhouse. Just provide a ratio (eat method). You can adjust it for free. My breakfast is 1/3 grapefruit, 100g box. Yogurt, a piece of 60g whole wheat soft European yogurt a small box is divided into my family ???? 20g mixed breakfast, some mixed with grapefruit, another part of the bread just eat so a total of 210kcal less than

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