Recipe: Detailed practice of clearing pig's trotters

Home Cooking Recipe: Detailed practice of clearing pig's trotters


The stewed pig's trotters are my private kitchen. In the pot, I recommend the shabu-shabu It can lock the nutrition well during the stewing process. Stewed trotters can delay aging recipes, beauty breast enhancement, nourishing yin, and so on. Have a good nutrition for women.



  1. First use the fire on the pig's trotters to peel off the hair roots, soak them in warm water, then scrape them with a knife, and use a knife to pry the pig's trotters from the middle;

  2. Set the wok on the fire, put in the water, boil the water, put it into the pig's trotters, and then remove it with a knife, then wash the piglet block for use;

  3. Carrots are washed and cut into pieces, and the red dates are washed with warm water for use;

  4. Place the casserole on the fire, put it in water, boil it, put it into the pig's trotters, red dates, and use a small fire to cook until the ripening, put the carrots;

  5. When the trotters are soft and rotten, when the soup is thick, add salt, monosodium glutamate, cooking wine, pepper noodles, adjust the taste, even the casserole on the table, you can eat


The characteristics of the stewed pig's trotters: the meat is soft and rotten, fat but not greasy.

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