Recipe: Delicious home-cooked grass mushroom edamame

Home Cooking Recipe: Delicious home-cooked grass mushroom edamame


After finishing this dish, the family praised and said that it was delicious, I wanted to share a recipe and share it with you.



  1. Straw mushroom slices, edamame washed

  2. Stir in the wok under the oil, put it on the side of the pot, add the mushroom to stir fry for a while, add a little water, soy sauce, fuel consumption, a little bit of sugar, 'because the soy sauce and fuel consumption are salty, I will No salt is added, sugar is used to freshen it.'

  3. After the dish is cooked, pour in the water and starch, and sprinkle some chicken before the pot.


Don't drench the water starch too much. I adjusted the half-bowl and dripped 2 times.

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