Recipe: Delicious abalone

Home Cooking Recipe: Delicious abalone


What can be held to hold the man's heart, some people say: want to hold the man's heart, first have to hold the man's stomach. Really caught the man's stomach, can you hold the man's heart? It may not be necessary for me to say it. There are ready-made examples around me that prove that there is no absolute thing, even if you are a good wife and a good mother, even if you are out of the hall, you are beautiful and temperament. Get the kitchen, burn a good dish, and lick a good soup. To say it, her days should be very sweet and very comfortable. But the man who can't stand her married has become accustomed to such a life, and she is not blessed in the blessing. I always want to make extra-budgets. I always look at the flowers without wild flowers. Finally, one day, men eat home meals, and there is no smell of flavor. It is not a woman who has not tasted the dish, but it is a man's taste. Thus, the woman is separated from the man. Women, like "the days in the Liberated Areas are sunny days...", walked out of their own homes that were struggling to keep up, and walked out of the pots and symphonies that had made her happy. The feeling of liberation is so good! The man is also very happy, and finally can take the wildflowers back to the light and appreciate it. But the man never imagined that wildflowers only knew that they were fighting for beauty, and they couldn’t be in the kitchen. The man began to regret it, because the wildflowers never played the symphony of the pots and pans that are rhythmical and pleasing to the ears! The man’s stomach is so spoiled by the family. Home flower also failed to hold the man's heart! Therefore, I want to say that as long as the man’s heart is changeable, it is to make a mountain and sea smell every day, so he can’t hold him. What about women? It’s better to be married than to marry. It is the hardest and hardest to marry a good man! It is most important for women to let themselves be healthy and beautiful. Know how to love yourself and know how to respect each other. Gossip and chat, the meal still has to eat, the dishes have to be done. Cottage delicious abalone Ha ha... Said to be "cottage", referring to the fact that I am cooking. In my understanding of "cottage" is not authentic. Just because this is my first time to make abalone, but abalone is a real thing! I used to eat abalone in the past, and I never knew how the chef did it. People often say: Haven't eaten rabbit meat, haven't seen the rabbit running yet? I am really just the opposite. I have never seen how to make abalone, but I have eaten it several times. Seeing the live abalone in front of me, I don’t know where to start. So I searched the Internet about the practice of fresh abalone, and I searched for a variety of N. I was a bit dazzled and confused. The practice of writing online is too complicated and time consuming, which is somewhat difficult for me as a beginner. I haven't been so patient for 3 or 4 hours, I am anxious! Or according to my own thoughts, coupled with the taste of the impression, made a family of delicious abalone, so got the name "cottage."



  1. Wash the abalone with a toothbrush, remove the whole abalone meat, and use a knife to draw a knife

  2. Add a little water to the seasoning and set it to juice.

  3. Take a small pot, do boiling water, a little bit of flower carving wine, the abalone with a knife is burned in boiling water for about 20 seconds, that is, remove the plate

  4. Take a small pot and tick the prepared juice into a thin pot and pour it on the abalone of the plate.


1. Because I can't do it, I am afraid that the shell of the abalone can't be cleaned, so I threw the shell of the abalone. 2, out of the pot of oil, I also give it away, the first time you try to eat it. 3, no broth, put some chicken or soup like the soup broth is also OK. 4, the above is dotted with pepper, add it yourself. 5, did not put salt, because the soup and the beauty of the fresh have salt.

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