Recipe: 85 degree C cheese balls

Home Cooking Recipe: 85 degree C cheese balls



  1. Add 2 grams of concentrated lemon juice to 25 grams of animal light cream and stir slightly

  2. Allow to stand at room temperature for half an hour, thicken, spare

  3. Add white sugar to the softened cream cheese at room temperature and stir until smooth and granulated

  4. Add homemade sour cream and whipped cream

  5. After stirring evenly, add egg yolk in 2 portions.

  6. After mixing evenly, add another one

  7. Screening into corn starch

  8. Stir well

  9. Stir the batter, pour it into the mold (water is added to the batter without batter), into the preheated 160 degree oven, middle and lower layers, fire up and down, about 20-25 minutes

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