Recipe: Dark chocolate cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Dark chocolate cake



  1. Cocoa powder and low-gluten flour are mixed and sieved for use

  2. Put a layer of butter on the 6-inch circular pattern, spread the oil paper over the bottom and the edge.

  3. Cut the chocolate into small pieces and mix with butter to melt the water. (The water temperature should not be too high about 50 degrees)

  4. The egg yolk breaks up and slowly joins the melted chocolate mixture.

  5. Stir well evenly

  6. Add 50g white sugar twice to stir and melt

  7. Add fresh cream to the mix

  8. 3 proteins hit to dry foam

  9. Add a piece to the chocolate mixture and mix well

  10. Add the sieved cocoa powder together with the low-gluten flour and mix evenly with a squeegee

  11. When mixing to the invisible powder, add all the remaining protein, carefully mix and mix evenly

  12. Whole mixed batter

  13. Pour the batter into a 6-inch round mold, the surface is flat, and let the air run out with a few clicks

  14. Put it into the 165 degree oven and let the fire go down for 40 minutes. Remove the mold and remove the oily paper from the edge. Sift on the cooling rack and cool the sugar

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