Recipe: Cuttlefish stewed chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Cuttlefish stewed chicken



  1. Squid is made with water, usually soaked for half an hour, then washed out and then boiled in boiling water for 5 minutes. Because the size of the cuttlefish is different, it is better to dip the hair without hard heart. But before going to the internal organs, remove the ink bag and turn the eyeball out, then wash the dirt and ink inside and outside the fish with water.

  2. The chicken is cut into pieces, cut into pieces, and a sufficient amount of water is placed in the casserole. The chicken cuttlefish is put into the wine, and the rice wine, ginger and onion are put together. After the fire is boiled, the meat is stewed for about three hours.

  3. After boiling, use a spoon to remove the foam and try to clean it.

  4. Finally seasoning with salt

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