Recipe: Cuttlefish grilled

Home Cooking Recipe: Cuttlefish grilled


The skin is bright red, the inside is white, the salty and sweet is palatable, the fragrance is special, the meat is solid and has a chewy head, and the greasy sauce sticks to the finger, sucking it up for a long aftertaste. . .



  1. The cuttlefish allows the merchant to deal with it in advance, removing the internal organs, cartilage, and black film. Cut the long enough feet. Wash the pork belly and cut it into mahjong-sized squares. Ginger cut large pieces, green onions and cut into pieces

  2. After the oil in the pot is slightly hot, pour in ginger, shallots, cinnamon, fragrant leaves, star anise and stir-fry until half a minute until the ginger slices are slightly yellowed, pour the pork belly, rock sugar, stir fry the oil, and fring the edges. Coloring

  3. Immediately after pouring the rice wine, cover the lid, let the wine in the pot simmer for about half a minute, open the lid and pour it into the old-fashioned stir-fry

  4. Pour the rose tofu milk and stir fry evenly. Add hot water to the material without the pot. Put the cuttlefish in the fire. After the fire is boiled, cook for about half an hour. Open the lid and bring the soup to thick. Remove the cuttlefish tube and cut it into pieces after cooling. Pork belly in the pot is hot


1, cuttlefish is much more expensive than squid, the simplest way to distinguish between cuttlefish and squid: cuttlefish - short body shape, a piece of the belly like a shuttle, slightly flattened hard bones (called sea drifting nitrate). Press your finger on the middle of the body. If you have a hard feeling, it is a cuttlefish. 2. Squid --- The body is longer than the squid. There is no hardware bone in the squid. The squid has only one leaf-shaped transparent film that straddles the body, so the feel is different. If the carcass is softer, it is salmon.

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