Recipe: Curry poached egg rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Curry poached egg rice


What is the refrigerator?



  1. Tomato, double mushroom, ham, whole onion, cut into small pieces, and the mushroom can be sliced ​​according to the shape of the mushroom.

  2. A pot of fried rice overnight, fried rice will always be

  3. Then put the tomato bisporus ham together and fry and then put the curry and put some soy sauce. Finally put the onion!

  4. Take a big bowl and put it on, then beat the egg, put the small fire omelette, put the rice down when almost one side solidifies, remember to put one side, then turn the other side of the egg up to cover the rice, both sides can be fried The dish is gone.


What to put in the fried rice according to personal needs, or look at the refrigerator, what to put, feel free to put! you like, just do it

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