Recipe: Curry chicken udon noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Curry chicken udon noodles


Curry I tried the curry powder that my sister brought back from India. I felt that the taste was not enough. The Japanese curry was rich in flavor, and I still prefer to use curry. I like to hold a big bowl and watch TV on the sofa. Unfortunately, this year's winter vacation is too tired and I haven't cooked yet... >< 4 yuan a piece of udon noodles, and a small piece of curry, and then a little flesh and blood, and you're done. I still like my own haha ​​than the curry udon noodles in the bowl of Katoya 20 next to the school :)



  1. Onion wok, then add chicken (here the chicken with bones), stir-fry.

  2. Add water to the surface and curry.

  3. Look at it~~


The kitchen is a small white, so far only mixed in a variety of curry homemade food... Curry is a long time. Everyone develops recipes together!!!

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