Recipe: Curry chicken rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Curry chicken rice


Every year, the relatives will give a lot of gimmicks. The weather warmed during the Spring Festival this year, and the steamed bread was too slow to be put into the refrigerator. Then every day is to eat the steamed bread quickly, and the relatives do it themselves. The flour of my own wheat mill, without any additives, is much more delicious than the one sold outside. If it is broken, it is a pity! These days, successive gimmicks make Yang Yang and the students tired, and want to eat curry rice! Be aware that this is her favorite! To be honest, splendid and husband are also a little tired, hey, hurry to change the taste ~



  1. Onion ginger garlic chopped spare

  2. Onions, potatoes, carrots, chicken breasts, cut into small

  3. Put the pot into the water and simmer the chicken

  4. Remove the chicken spare

  5. Put the oil in the pot and pour it into the onion

  6. Put the carrots and diced potatoes in turn.

  7. Finally pour the chicken

  8. Pour a little water and cook for ten minutes.

  9. Add the curry block, wait until the juice is thick, then pour it over the rice and sprinkle with a little sesame.

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