Recipe: Cumin beef fried daylily

Home Cooking Recipe: Cumin beef fried daylily


I stumbled upon the taste of the daylily and the beef is quite good~ One loose and one solid, one soft and one tough, and then with cumin and pepper, hurry to prepare a few bowls of rice~!



  1. Cut the small cauliflower, cut the carrots, and make the fungus into a small flower.

  2. Beef cut strips, with cumin, pepper powder, soy sauce for about half an hour

  3. Onion and ginger burst pot

  4. Stir-fried beef, add carrots and fungus when you are almost cooked.

  5. Try the taste before the pot, add some salt and sugar~


1. Beef is best cut into strips that are almost as long as daylily 2. Pepper powder is my whim, and it tastes good. 3. Prepare a few bowls of rice. This dish is quite a meal. :P

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