Recipe: Cucumber soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Cucumber soup


Cucumber bamboo soup is good to drink, mainly depends on the good soup base. It can be made from broth or bone soup or chicken soup. The soup is not very thick and light. Just a little meaty taste can bring out the deliciousness of the bamboo pole. Together with the fresh-skinned cucumber slices, the soup is clear and white, and it smells light and fragrant. The entrance of bamboo and cucumber is crisp and refreshing, and the aftertaste is long...



  1. The dried bamboo stalks are soaked in warm water in advance. After the hair is raised, the roots are removed and replaced with 2-3 times of water.

  2. The cucumber was cut into two parts, and a long strip of skin with a planer was used for use.

  3. Put the ginger and ginger into the pot, put in the bamboo pot, boil and cook for another 8-10 minutes.

  4. Season with a proper amount of salt, place the cucumber slices, mix well in the pot, immediately turn off the heat, add white pepper to taste, you can eat.


1. When blistering bamboo stalks, be careful to cut off the small white circle at the end of the stalk (small cap), otherwise the taste of the soup will be discounted. 2. The broth can be replaced with broth, chicken soup or bone soup cooked in advance. 3. Cucumber can't be cooked for a long time. Immediately after the pot is turned off, it should be eaten immediately to maintain a refreshing taste.

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