Recipe: Cucumber slide

Home Cooking Recipe: Cucumber slide


The scent of cucumber and the smoothness of the meat are destined to be a long story.



  1. Slice lean meat, add starch, salt, pepper and mix well, marinate for a while

  2. Cucumber slices, add a little salt and mix well

  3. Ginger shredded, onion cut into 2cm segments

  4. Heat the pot, add oil, oil to 50% heat, add ginger, onion, sliced ​​meat, stir fry, stir-fry until the meat is discolored.

  5. Cucumber squeezed out the water, add to the meat and continue to stir evenly

  6. Pan


Mix the cucumber with salt and squeeze the water to prevent too much water when frying. When the meat is mixed with starch, you can add a little water. When it is fried, it will be tenderer. The starch must be filled. Meat and cucumber are mixed with salt, so you can add no salt in the back. This dish can be seasoned without too much MSG, retaining the fragrance of cucumber.

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