Recipe: Cucumber fried mushrooms

Home Cooking Recipe: Cucumber fried mushrooms


I came back with a business trip and brought me a large bag of flowers from the customer. This mushroom tastes like mushrooms, but it is much better than mushrooms, so the meat is very thick and it is very enjoyable to eat. Use it to fry cucumbers, cucumbers are usually raw food, and occasionally fried dishes are also very delicious.



  1. The flowers are soaked in cold water and sliced. I am soaking in the morning, come back to fry at night, soak up for a day.

  2. Cucumber is cut into two halves from the middle, then cut into pieces, sprinkled with salt for a while, squeezed out the water, so that the cucumber is crispy, even if it is heated in a microwave oven, it is still crisp and delicious.

  3. Hot pot cold oil, first fried mushrooms and smoked dry, add a little salt, and finally the cucumber slices, slightly fried. Because the cucumber is salted, the salt should be less when cooking.

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