Recipe: Crystal dumpling

Home Cooking Recipe: Crystal dumpling



  1. Mix 2 kinds of powder into boiling water. Add it slowly, don't add it all at once, because the flour brand has different water absorption. Add one side while you can't see the dry powder. Smooth, wrap the plastic wrap for 20 minutes

  2. The purple potato is steamed on the pan, pressed into a mud, and added honey and sugar. Don't add too much honey, or it's too wet, not good.

  3. Wake up the dough and diced diced, smaller than the dumpling skin, thin. This is cooked to be transparent. Take a good amount of stuffing and wrap it. After the water is boiled, put the rice balls in the soup for about 8 minutes. If you don’t eat it right away, put it in a fresh-keeping bag and put it in the refrigerator for free storage.

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